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Hello, my name is John Korman.  Let me tell you a little something about how I “got into the opal business.”  After growing up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota and graduating from college, I had the wonderful experience at just age 23 to go and live in Australia for two years (1975-1977).  Being the youngest of six children and the “baby,” my mother was quite distraught that I would be gone for two years.  At the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport as I was waiting for my plane to depart in May, 1975, I was attempting to console my mother about me being gone for the next two years.  I did this by saying such things to her as “The time will go by fast,”  “I promise to write home every week,” etc.  I also asked Mom if there was anything I could send to her from Australia she couldn’t get here in the U.S.  She then told me that opal just happened to be her birthstone and she was aware that the most and the best opal came from Australia.  She told me that if it didn’t cost too much, I could send her an opal.  As her birthday was approaching in October, 1975, I set out to find some opal shops in Melbourne.  At that time, I had no idea of what an opal might look like.  I was immediately “blown away” at what I saw!  They all were so very bright, with all kinds of unimaginable color combinations and the play of color as you moved one was unbelievable!  At that moment I was, as the Aussie miners say, “bitten by the opal bug!”  Truly, opal was one of God’s most beautiful creations.  Anyway, I bought Mom a very nice crystal opal by itself.  Later, she had it set in a ring at a local jewelry store.  It was stunning!  She cherished this opal ring and wore it often.  Years later after Mom passed away, I made sure that her youngest granddaughter was given her grandmother’s opal ring.  That granddaughter just happened to be born in the same month and year I sent Mom her first opal.

After returning home from Australia, I couldn’t get it out of my mind that I should start an “opal business.”  Some years later I just did that and I founded AUSTRALIAN OPALS.  I have greatly enjoyed bringing dynamic opal jewelry to people for over the last 27+ years who want a piece of jewelry that is truly unique and beautiful—either for themselves or for a special loved one.  Each opal has its own look and personality.  I often tell shoppers that opals are like people.  “You know one when you see one, but they all have their very own look and personality! 


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